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Hi, I'm Michelle

also known as Shelby

I'm based in Tāmaki Makaurau Auckland, New Zealand

My goal is to tell meaningful stories that make a positive impact, both by representing people as they truly are and by shedding light on untold narratives.

My fascination with light and shadows began early, spending countless hours in my grandparents' swimming pool, utterly transfixed by the mesmerizing patterns they formed underwater. I was always a creator, whether through sewing, drawing or painting


My love affair with photography ignited after devouring every photography book in the Tauranga Library. I embarked on a self-taught journey, striving to decipher the secrets behind how photographers manipulated light and composition to craft their captivating images. With friends as my willing subjects, I set out to emulate those techniques.


Since those formative years, I've embarked on a meaningful photographic journey, and my deep appreciation for this art form remains unwavering. Today, I find joy in capturing the essence of a story through editorial work, as well as creating studio portraits and lifestyle images that celebrate the authentic beauty of people for clients and agencies.


In my personal work, I have a unique opportunity to share stories from those who haven't had a voice, as it empowers, enlightens, and connects us to the diversity of human experiences.

One project I'm particularly proud of was awarded a Canon grant. In this project, I had the helped tell the stories of those affected by Kauri Dieback through a combination of poignant portraits and interviews. Witnessing this work come to life as an exhibition displayed in a public park stands out as one of my life's most significant highlights.


I approach each project with thorough research and planning to ensure that technical aspects are well-prepared for. This allows me to channel all my energy into connecting with my subjects, fostering a warm and encouraging environment where they feel comfortable being themselves.


If you're interested in collaborating on a project or sharing a story that deserves to be heard, I'm always eager to connect. Feel free to reach out, and let's create something meaningful together.

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Tel: 022-350-1946

Thanks for getting in touch

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