Hi, I'm Michelle

She / Her, also known as Shelby

based in Auckland, New Zealand

Michelle is a self-taught photographer, whose passion made its debut renting out every photography book at the local library; recreating the images and acquiring an education that would propel her into her fifteen year to date career.


Michelle is drawn to the strengths and vulnerabilities that make up the human condition, and regularly works with subjects and themes of gender identity, and sexuality.

She embraces the responsibility of sharing truthful messages in her work, with a gentle tenacity that stems from her own personal history of growing up in religion, before finding herself in a same sex relationship.
Her understanding of the significance of representation, allows her to capture the transformative process, tying together the fragility of the moment, with the undertow of strength.


Michelle has a unique appreciation for the beauty found in simplicity; and isn’t afraid to strip bare, and expose, the poignancy that exists when humans cease to interfere.
The way light cascades off water. The way it bends beneath the surface.
How uniqueness from one person will never be repeated.

She has an ability to tell entire stories out of single moments, with an effortless elegance entirely her own.  

On set, her energy is a safe haven for her subjects to be themselves; and she won’t have a person in freezing water on their own. She will get right in there with them!

That energy is effervescent, and seemingly boundless; reviving itself after a big shoot with the sort of recovery that reserves itself to the delight of introverts.

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